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A new standard in commercial audio

For more than 25 years, touring and installation professionals have turned to EAW for the world’s finest loudspeaker systems. And musicians and engineers have long known Mackie for its great-sounding, ultrareliable mixers, amplifiers and speakers. So once EAW set its sights on the commercial audio market, the natural partnership was obvious.

Introducing EAW Commercial Systems, a new brand of high-performance commercial audio solutions from the professionals at EAW and Mackie. The new EAW Commercial line includes DSP matrix mixers, ampli-fiers, ceiling speakers, and a full range of loudspeakers. These products are ideal for permanent installations in a wide range of venues requiring better sound, higher flexibility and greater overall integration.

The EAW Commercial Difference

Because EAW Commercial can draw upon the worldclass engineering and manufacturing resources of EAW, Mackie, SIA Software and Acuma Labs, our products literally incorporate the cutting-edge of audio technology. The recent DSA Series of Digitally Steerable Arrays, for example, combines our formidable digital signal processing, analog amplifier and professional loudspeaker technology into a single breakthrough product.

But all the technology in the world doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t give your clients great sound and years of reliability. So all EAW Commercial products adhere to EAW and Mackie’s same rigorous design principles. We follow the same meticulous engineering processes. Most importantly, we pay attention to all the details—such as quality of construction and materials—so you won’t have to. And thanks to our vast manufacturing resources and sheer buying power, these products give your customers a significant step-up in quality, without a step-up in price.

Now and In the Future...

Based on the solid foundations of EAW and Mackie, EAW Commercial looks forward to a bright future. Put simply, we aim to bring you the best performance and value on the market. We invite you to grow with us.

For more information on EAW Commercial's high-performance commercial audio solutions:

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