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Products : Digital Matrix Mixers : DX8
DX8 :: Click for larger image

In its base configuration, the DX8 includes 8-by-2 stereo or dual mono mixing from mic and/or line inputs, 2-band shelving equalization on each input, and 2-band sweepable EQ on each output. Output signal processing includes 1/3 octave graphic EQ, five-band parametric EQ, and compressors. All level settings are stored in on-board, nonvolatile memory and may be changed either by direct PC connection or from the front panel. All settings can be saved and recalled from 16 memory presets. The front panel can be locked out to prevent access by unauthorized persons.
  • 32-bit DSP and 24-bit Analog/Digital Conversion
  • 8 balanced XDR' Mic/Line inputs with trim
  • 2 balanced Line inputs direct to mix bus
  • 2 Independent Mix Buses and balanced Outputs
  • 2 unbalanced Record Outputs
  • 8 unbalanced Direct Channel Outputs
  • Individual Level/Peak metering on each Input and Output
  • 3-band sweepable Hi/Lo shelving and mid-peaking EQ on each Input
  • 2-band sweepable shelving EQ on each Output
  • 31-band Graphic EQ available on each Output
  • 5-band Parametric EQ available on each Output
  • One fully variable Compressor on each Output
  • Independent Automixing function for each Output
  • 10 Programmable Logic Inputs
  • 2 independent RS-232 interface ports
  • 48VDC Phantom Power switch per mic input
  • PC Software application included

DX8 v2.1 Automixer (.ZIP - 6MB) Unzip to a temporary directory and run setup.exe.
DX8 v2.2 Automixer (.ZIP - 46K) Firmware only
DX8 Instruction Manual (.PDF - 2.5MB) Updated for v2 Automixer
Datasheet (PDF)
DX8 Quick Start Guide (.PDF - 228 K)

DX8 RVC Quick Start Guide
(.PDF - 228 K)
DX8 SW4 Quick Start Guide (.PDF - 182 K)
DX8 CAD file (.DXF - 3.1 MB, right click to download)
DX8 V2 Serial Communication Spec (PDF 426KB)

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