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Support - Terms of EAW Commercial Warranty

LOUD Technologies, Inc. requires its authorized EAW Commercial distributors abide by the following warranty terms for all EAW Commercial brand products: (all dates are from the date of delivery from an Authorized EAW Commercial Distributor
to the end user/installation site):
Loudspeakers – 5 years
Active Electronics – 5 years
Accessories – 2 years.

What Is Covered:
Defects in workmanship and materials and against malfunctions. EAW Commercial distributors must remedy all such defects and malfunctions without charge for parts or labor if the warranty applies. Final determination of warranty coverage lies solely with each authorized EAW Commercial distributor.

What Is Not Covered:
This warranty does not extend to damage or malfunctions resulting from, but not limited to, shipment, improper installation, misuse, neglect, abuse, normal wear, accident, or to any product on which the serial number has been modified or removed. Exterior defects in or damage to the exterior appearance are specifi cally excluded from this warranty. EAW Commercial distributors shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of EAW Commercial products. Repairs and/or modifi cations by other than an Authorized EAW Commercial Distributor automatically voids this warranty.

Products not drawn to scale. All prices herein are EX-USA, EX-Netherlands, or EX-Hong Kong. All prices are also duty-paid in the EC. All prices, terms, conditions, and specifications subject to change without notice. EAW Commercial is a trademark of LOUD Technologies, Inc.

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